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Canada violence: India rejects Justin Trudeau’s allegations

India has strongly criticized Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s recent allegations of Indian involvement in violence within Canada as “absurd” and “motivated.” This response follows Canada’s expulsion of a senior Indian diplomat, during which Trudeau suggested potential Indian government links to the assassination of a Sikh leader in Canada.

In a statement, India’s Ministry of External Affairs categorically rejected these allegations, asserting that they are baseless and driven by ulterior motives. Similar claims were previously made by the Canadian Prime Minister to India’s Prime Minister and were unequivocally dismissed.

India emphasized its status as a democratic nation firmly committed to the rule of law. It argued that such unsubstantiated allegations divert attention away from the presence of Khalistani terrorists and extremists who have found refuge in Canada and continue to pose threats to India’s sovereignty and territorial integrity.

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Furthermore, India expressed long-standing concerns over Canada’s inaction in addressing this issue.






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