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Case Filed Under POCSO Act in Karimnagar: Harassment of Minor Girl Exposes Blackmail Scheme

The Karimnagar Town-I police in Karimnagar took action in a case involving the harassment of a minor girl and filed a case under the Protection of Children from Sexual Offences (POCSO) Act. Six people are involved in the case, including five minors.

The victim, a Class 10 student, was allegedly involved in a romantic relationship with an Intermediate student from her neighbourhood. A year ago, two of the boy’s buddies took personal images and videos of the pair and began blackmailing her.

The two people took advantage of the situation, regularly indulging in sexual actions while threatening to reveal the girl’s love affair to her parents. Three additional boys sought to blackmail the girl after learning about the continued harassment.


Unable to put up with the harassment any longer, the teenager confided in her parents and filed a police report on Monday. In response, the police filed cases against the six persons under the POCSO Act, as well as rape and harassment sections. It is worth noting that the victim’s boyfriend is among those charged.

Five of the six people involved were Intermediate education students, while the sixth was a polytechnic student.The police will conduct an extensive investigation and take proper legal action against the accused. This incident emphasises the need of providing a secure and supportive environment for minors, especially in circumstances of harassment and exploitation.



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