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Central and state governments are plundering thousands of crores even in crisis: Chada

CPI Telangana State Secretary Chada Venkat Reddy today criticized Modi Government and KCR Government are plundering people by levying thousands of crores of rupees by imposing GST on Covid Vaccines and drugs, even at a time when the corona epidemic in the country is causing severe hardship, tears, and drought.

A demonstration was held in front of GST Bhavan,  Basheerbagh,  here on  Tuesday under the auspices of the CPI Hyderabad District Council demanding the abolition of GST on Corona Medicines and  Vaccines.

During the demonstration, CPI  activists chanted slogans with placards demanding the abolition of GST on Covid drugs and vaccines, protection of public health, and protection of public lives.  Addressing as Chief Guest to this demonstration Chada Venkat Reddy questioned why 5 percent on Vaccines,  12 percent GST was being levied on Remdesivir and Anti- Viral Drugs, 18 percent on other drugs and oxygen concentrations, 18 percent on sanitizers, and 28 percent on ambulances. He lamented that one or the whole family was affected by the Corona, that two or three in some families were being bitten by the pandemic, that common people could not afford the high-cost corona drugs, could not pay the lakhs of bills incurred by private hospitals, and sold the property for treatment. The CPI leader said that the arrogant and incompetent rule of the Modi government at the Center was causing misery to millions of Indians in the country.

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People were being forced into the corona, that there was no control over the virus, that there were not enough vaccines, that there were no job opportunities, no caring of farmers and workers problems, that at least the common man had nothing to offer.  In the interest of the people, he called for the abolition of GST rates on Covid 19 key medical items such as medicines, vaccines, oxygen concentrations, and ventilators, as well as unconditional free vaccination on a war footing to all the people in government and private hospitals he demanded.

CPI National  Executive Member, the former MP Syed Aziz Pasha, said that the Modi government had completely failed to control the Covid epidemic and expressed concern that the central government was displaying an indifferent attitude during the humanitarian crisis with serious health and socio-economic consequences. He accused the government of ignoring expert advice and grossly neglecting to strengthen the supply of medicines, oxygen, ventilators, and vaccines.  He criticized India today for being crippled by a political leadership that lacks sympathy for the common people struggling with the epidemic.
He questioned the failure to adequately supply the Covid vaccines given to protect the health of the people in times of calamity. He demanded to stop imposing GST on Covid Drugs and Vaccines which will be a heavy burden on people.

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CPI Hyderabad District Secretary E.T. Narasimha said despite knowing that the corona epidemic was spreading like wildfire across the country, the central and state governments had neglected to strengthen the public health system and had not made additional efforts to store medical oxygen and antiviral drugs, adding that people were now suffering from severe shortages. He demanded the abolition of GST on life-saving Covid-19 drugs.
The CPI Hyderabad District Executive Members R. Shankar Nayak,  M. Narasimha, S.A. Mannan, Nirlekanti Srikanth, AISF National Vice President B. Stalin, AIYF State General Secretary Marupaka Anil Kumar, CPI City leaders R. Mallesh, Sheikh Nadeem, Arutla Rajkumar, SK Mahmood, CH. Jangaiah, etc. participated.