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Central Wakf Council Team face ire of opposition on first day of tour to city

Finding fault with the Central Wakf Council Team’s whirlwind visit to Hyderabad only to pat the State Wakf Board for ensuring cancellation of registration of 50 properties being built on Wakf lands in Hyderabad, the opposition congress party today held a sit-in before head office at Nampally before going into huddle with the team members along with bunch of startling revelations supported with documentary proof.


Eight members of Central Wakf Council team that include Secretary Shadan Zeb Khan, T.O. Naushad, Munnawari Begum, Rais Khan Pathan, Haneef Ali, Wasim Khan, Qari Mohd Haroon and Dr.Darakshan Andrabi members is on a three day official tour to Hyderabad that begins with a visit to Wakf Board Head Office, Nampally marred with protest from opposition parties.


Calling the stay of Central Wakf Council official team into a Hotel owned by Chairman Wakf Board Mohd.Saleem a clear case of ‘tacit understanding’, the senior congress leader Mateen Shareef said, “The complicity of the visiting central team with the state officials sends a wrong message to the community as no one is allowed to called-on the central team officials to bring the wakf board issues in their notice. More appalling is the central team’s skeptical approach wherein they prefer meeting only with state wakf board officials instead of going around the room with the people striving for the protection of wakf properties with handful of grievances.”


“Instead of lending an ear only to state officials, who aren’t giving any straight dope about the ground reality, the visiting central team should talk to people who are doing ground work to unravel the facts about the wakf properties allowed to run down all these years. The central team should allow the wakf vigilante to explain the nitty-gritty being in play in the state Wakf Board and the travesty being adopted there to allow trampling the wakf properties,” he explained.


Based on the input provided by the wakf vigilante, he further said, the central team should seek clarification from the state officials and accordingly communicate the same to central wakf administration. “Without doing so the visit of the central team is just a formality and a mere tour of enjoyment to create an illusion that they are touring with a purpose,” claimed Mateen Shareef while taking part in the protest.


“Five mosques, one after another were demolished by the government but the wakf board remains silent despite the holy structures being pulled down were wakf properties. Two mosques were demolished at state secretariat but the board took no pain to register the case against the TRS government despite the incident hurts the sentiments of the Muslim community. Leave alone booking cases against the perpetrators, the wakf board have failed even to secure the Janamaaz, Quran, Tasbeeh and other holy relics kept inside the mosques at a time when the mosques are being pulled down. Despite the mosques being in fully operational mode and prayers being performed five times a day, they were demolished for the heck of it. Wakf properties are being looted by seizing the records but will not allow this to happen henceforth,” asserted Osman Mohammed Khan, Organizing Secretary, Telangana Pradesh Congress Committee (TPCC) while leading the protest.


General Secretary TPCC S.K. Afzaluddin, Spokesperson Syed Nizamuddin and Mateen Shareef Contested Corporator beside other congress leaders and activists took part in the protest.


While pacifying the protesters the Chairman, Telangana State Wakf Board (TSWB), Mohd Saleem said, “Encroachment on wakf land may bring a temporary cheer on the faces of land sharks but one day they find themselves into trouble as wakf properties are de-facto and eternal assets of the almighty. We are determined and will strive hard to get back all those wakf properties being encroached or languished into legal tangles by approaching every door possible. We are pursuing over two thousand cases from local courts to the Supreme Court by hiring senior advocates and are getting relief in several cases one after another.”


“We even took the Almaspet Land issue seriously, where an MRO office is proposed to construct and approach the collector to stall the process. As far as the shortage of staff in the wakf board is concerned, we have hired around 60 boys on daily wages and will increase the number by passing a resolution in the next meeting of the board,” clarified the Chairman.