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Chandrababu Naidu is not above law: Jagan

Andhra Pradesh Chief Minister Y. S Jagan Mohan Reddy alleged on Saturday that TDP President and former Chief Minister N. Chandrababu Naidu was the kingpin in the Rs 371 crore skill development ‘scam’ as he affirmed that no one is above the law.

Reddy said that Naidu, “who led all his political life exploiting the people”, can’t escape the long arm of the law as he was caught red-handed in the scam. The Chief Minister was addressing a public meeting in this town at Nidadavolu in East Godavari district.

This was the first reaction by Reddy since Naidu’s arrest by the CID on September 9 in the alleged skill development scam. He also found fault with “pro-TDP media blindly supporting him” and warned that no one is above the law.

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“The gang of four, which has a share in the spoils, is unable to digest his (Naidu’s) arrest and hence trying to project him as a clean politician through malicious and false propaganda. The law is the same for whoever indulges in backstabbing, cheating people and misappropriation of public funds, including Naidu,” he said, adding that no one might have told this to the TDP leader all these years.

Reddy alleged that the former Chief Minister went scot-free in the audio tapes scandal that surrounded the MLC elections in Telangana. “Instead of questioning Naidu as to where the Rs 371 crore goes, TDP-friendly media has been supporting him as they were also partners in the scam. Based on the evidence, officials’ note files, and the primary investigation carried out by central agencies like the ED, it was established that Naidu played the main role in the scam,” he alleged.

The Chief Minister also said that even the company Siemens made it clear that it had nothing to do with the fake agreement or MoU and that it did not receive any amount from the government. Despite the objections of the officials, Naidu released the amount to shell companies, sharing it among himself and his conduits, Reddy alleged.

“All these years, his friendly media tried to cover up his crimes while Naidu tried to manage the institutions, but not any longer,” he said. Reddy also slammed Jana Sena Party President and actor Pawan Kalyan over his meeting with Naidu in jail.

Describing the coming elections as ‘Kurukshetra’, he said that justice will win as he asked people to stand by the YSRCP and make it victorious if they believe that they received welfare benefits.






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