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Chaos at Tikri Border as Police Use Water Cannons and Tear Gas to Disperse Protesting Farmers

New Delhi: Delhi Police needed to fall back to the use of water cannons and tear gas shells to disperse a menacing march of protesting farmers at Tikri border close to Delhi-Bahadurgarh highway. The farmers conflicted with security forces to penetrate the national capital borders as they protested against the new Farm laws.

A large number of farmers at Tikri border were seen attempting to break the security ring of paramilitary and Delhi Police, who are prepared with tear gas guns and different measures to stop the marches.

Heavy trucks and trolleys have been put by Delhi Police in the direction of the marchers yet these were being shoved, pushed and forced to be removed by farmers. They attached ropes to the trolleys they carried with them to make room.

Metro stations at bordering regions have been shut by DMRC considering the farmers’ protests.

DMRC tweeted: “Entry & exit gates of Brigadier Hoshiar Singh, Bahadurgarh City, Pandit Shree Ram Sharma, Tikri Border, Tikri Kalan and Ghevra stations on Green Line are now closed.”

Delhi police are making nonstop announcements to request the farmers not to march forward, However, the farmers who have gathered in huge numbers have not given any regard to the repeated requests and are attempting to enter Delhi.

Slight lathi-charge was additionally done to force back the farmers as they attempted to cross the security ring at the Tikri border.

Comparable scenes were likewise seen at Singhu border where Delhi Police fired several tear gas shells to scatter the protesting farmers from entering the capital.

Senior police officers are themselves observing the Delhi border situation and have additionally attempted to negotiate with the farmers recently.

Aam Aadmi Party MLA Raghav Chadha came forward on the side of the farmers’ protest. He said that the right to peaceful protest is the sign of a free and democratic society. He further stated that the farmer of this nation is neither a criminal and nor a terrorist.

The farmer of this nation is the backbone of its economy and its food security, Chadha added. Chadha additionally mentioned the Center to understand why farmers are against the three farms laws.



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