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Children need a break from academics to enjoy life: Kerala HC

In a move that will certainly bring cheers to students, the Kerala High Court refused to extend an interim order allowing schools under the Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) to conduct vacation classes for children above 14 years of age.

After a hectic academic year, the students need a break and observed the court. “That is why the summer vacation is given to the students. The students should enjoy the vacations and rejuvenate for their next academic year.

Holiday breaks allow the students to shift their focus from traditional study materials. They can reach their other ambitions in extracurricular activities, which they are generally not able to address during the school year,” said the court.

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It further added that children need to enjoy leisure time with their family and friends especially since a hectic academic year awaits them.

“Summer vacation is necessary for the students to spend time with their kith and kin and for a mental break. Concentrating on school books alone would not be sufficient for the children. Let them sing, let them dance, let them eat their favourite food leisurely without the fear of the next day’s homework, let them enjoy their favourite television programmes, Let them play cricket, football or their favourite sports items and let them enjoy trips with their kith and kin.

“A hectic academic year is coming. Before that, a break is necessary for the student community. The students of 10th standard and Higher Secondary School definitely need a break before they enter their decisive academic year in their life,” added Judge Justice P.V.Kunhikrishnan.

The order was passed on a petition seeking an interim direction to the Regional Director of CBSE to give permission for conducting vacation classes in CBSE Schools. The State’s Director of General Education (DGE) had issued a circular objecting to vacation classes.

The Kerala CBSE School Management Association then moved the High Court against the circular. Therefore, Justice Kunhikrishnan ordered the registry to place the present petition before the Chief justice so that he can assign it to an appropriate bench. He also refused to extend the earlier interim order.






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