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Class 10 student kills aunt for declining indecent proposal

A minor boy — student of Class 10 — has been apprehended in Karnataka for allegedly killing his aunt after she declined his indecent proposal, the police said. The incident took place at a village near Uppinangady town in Dakshina Kannada district.

According to police, a 37-year-old woman was found dead on Sunday night at her residence under suspicious circumstances. The accused minor boy who was at her home on Sunday, allegedly made sexual advances when the woman was sleeping. However, the woman — his maternal aunt — resisted and scolded him, and also asked him to behave properly.

Confessing his crime, the accused told the police that, fearing that she would tell others about his act, the Class 10 student smothered her to death using a pillow after sometime when she went back to sleep.

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After killing her, he informed his father that the woman had suffered a heart attack and died. The police, however, had suspicions about the boy since the woman’s body was spotted. His father also informed the police about scratches on the accused’s back.

When the police questioned him, he confessed to having used a pillow to smother his aunt to death, saying he must have received the scratches while the woman was trying to push him away to escape.

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