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Class 12 student dies of heart attack on way to school

In a shocking incident, an 18-year-old student of class 12, who was on her way to college, died allegedly of heart attack. The incident took place on Wednesday in Patiyali, Kasganj.

The deceased has been identified as Priyanshi, a student at Shri Bhagwat National Inter College. Priyanshi left her home to appear for a practical exam. Riding her bicycle, her health took a sudden turn for the worse and she fell from her bike.

Her fellow students, who were accompanying her, rushed to her aid.Priyanshi said that she was experiencing severe chest pain, and soon after, her pulse began to weaken.

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The students immediately notified Priyanshi’s family about her deteriorating health. She was admitted to the Patiyali Community Health Centre where she was declared brought dead.

Upon learning about the incident, the police also arrived at the scene. However, the grieving family declined to undergo a post-mortem examination and chose to take Priyanshi’s body to their village Nagla Dalu.

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