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CM KCR to provide Rs 105 crore for celebrations of Telangana state formation

Telangana Chief Minister K. Chandrasekhar Rao decided on Thursday to provide Rs 105 crore for the Telangana state formation decennial celebrations, which will begin on June 2.

The chief minister announced that the money will be released to district collectors for state-wide celebrations during a meeting with district collectors at the Dr. B.R. Ambedkar Telangana Secretariat.

KCR directed officials to ensure that the 21-day celebrations are organized in a grand manner, highlighting the martyrs’ sacrifices and the state’s achievements over the last ten years.

He recalled how, after six decades of struggle and sacrifice, the Telangana state was established in a democratic and parliamentary manner. He stated that Telangana’s rapid progress has made the nation proud.

The day-long meeting was attended by ministers, government advisors, Chief Minister’s advisors, chief secretary, secretaries in the Chief Minister’s Office, district collectors, superintendents of police, the Director General of Police, and other top officials.

The Chief Minister directed officials to ensure that daily programs from the village to state level are carried out in a festive atmosphere. He gave them instructions on the programs that would be held in villages, constituencies, and districts.

He directed district collectors to work with ministers, MLAs, and other public officials to ensure the celebrations ran smoothly.

On June 2, KCR will kick off the celebrations by paying tribute to Telangana martyrs at Gun Park in Hyderabad. Later, he will unfurl the national flag and address the participants at the Telangana secretariat.

According to the earlier announced schedule, daily programs will be held to highlight the state’s progress in sectors such as electricity, agriculture, irrigation, healthcare, and industry.

The programs will also highlight various schemes that are being implemented to benefit farmers and other groups of people.







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