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Congress receives biggest jolt in Devbhumi Dwarka as around 800 workers join BJP

Under the able leadership of popular Jamnagar MP Poonamben Maadam and because of BJP’s developmental ideology, Congress has once again received a big blow in the Halar region.

After Congress leaders in Jamnagar district joined BJP, Devbhumi Dwarka district has seen the biggest political change in the history with almost a complete wipeout of Congress in the district.

Many important Congress leaders including the General Secretary of District Congress and the Leader of Opposition of Taluka Panchayat broke away from Congress to join the saffron party.

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Among the leaders who joined the BJP are Dwarka District Congress General Secretary and District Panchayat Member Ebhabhai Karmur, Opposition Leader and Taluka Panchayat Member Yogeshbhai Nandania, Taluka Panchayat Member Laxmanbhai Chavda, Dwarka Congress OBC Cell President Kishanbhai Bhatia, Taluka Panchayat Member Malsibhai Dahiya, around 800 Congress workers including Dwarka District Youth Congress President Savan Karmur, APMC Director of Khambhalia Babubhai Gojia and 14 Sarpanches.

Jamnagar MP Poonamben Maadam, state Cabinet Minister Mulubhai Bera and district BJP President Mayurbhai Gadhvi welcomed all the Congress leaders at a meeting in Khambhaliya.

“Just like in the country, an atmosphere of Congress-mukt Jamnagar Lok Sabha constituency has also been created. The people of India too, have decided to free the country from Congress,” said Poonamben Maadam. “Leaders and workers of Congress have joined to make the country developed under the leadership of our beloved Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi,” she further added.

Due to the developmental vision of Prime Minister Narendra Modi and the work done by Poonamben Madam, the Congress party has received the biggest jolt in Devbhumi Dwarka district.

By defecting, these leaders have given a clear indication of their lack of faith in the leadership of the Congress and its ideology. Due to the defection of so many Congress members, the existence of the Congress in Dwarka district is almost wiped out.

The incident is being seen as a major shift in the political equation in Gujarat, where the BJP is consolidating its power across the state and extending its reach to traditional Congress strongholds as well.

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