Tuesday, January 26, 2021
Home Exclusive Corona and seasonal showers hit cattle business hard in city

Corona and seasonal showers hit cattle business hard in city

With the festive season on the horizon, cattle traders expect the domestic market to pick up momentum. However, it is not the same scenario this festive season as the fear of coronavirus coupled with seasonal rains hit the business hard in twin cities as shepherds and traders are facing lukewarm response from the public this Bakrid.

“People are coming and going asking only the price of the cattle. Unlike last year, there is a significant drop in footfall of buyers this year. Already we have brought the cattle late this time due to the volatile situation created out of coronavirus pandemic. With just one day in hand how many cattle win could able to sell,” asked Mohd. Nayeem who is selling sheep near Reti Bowli crossroad.

Attributing the present situation to coronavirus pandemic as well as the fatwa recently released recently by the religious institutions, Abdul Aleem, another trader said, “The number of customers is very less this time as people are more apprehensive about buying the cattle in the present situation.

Customers, he said, are also afraid after the recent reports wherein butchers were warned against venturing out from their native villages to help people in processing the cattle.

“There is a possibility of cattle likely caught into diseases due to showers at night these days. This might be another reason people are avoiding the purchase or more number of animals this time. What is more deplorable is the attitude of the state government towards the Muslim community. Every passing year the situation at Eid-ul-Adha is turning volatile due to steep prices of cattle and the exploitation of traders. Muslims, especially the middle-class families are preferring expiation by offering the amount in charity instead of performing the sacrifice with gaiety,” bemoaned Syed Mohsin.