Wednesday, September 28, 2022
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Covid-19 patient missing from Vishakhapatnam hospital

With the country on the brink of overflowing with COVID-19 patient, cases of them missing due to the negligence of the hospital staff keeps coming up.

Amid another such case, an elderly man, COVID-19 positive, who was admitted in Vishakapatnam Institute of Medical Sciences (VIMS) is missing.

The police said that a case has been lodged in this regard and the probe is on.

The 79-year-old patient, ChikkalaAtchanna, resident of Sabbavaram, got ill and was brought to the Vishakhapatnam Port Trust Hospital for treatment as he was a retired worker there.

The VPT hospital suggested him to get admitted in VIMS after his health starting failing on August 1st. Upon the referral, Atchanna’s son, Srinivas, took him to VIMS and kept a tab on the condition of his father through communication with the hospital’s ward boys.

His regular call on August 6th left him shocked when the hospital staff informed that Atchanna was missing as he wasn’t on his bed. The son immediately hurried to the hospital to find his father. Wearing the PPE kit provided by VIMS, he looked for him in every hook and corner on August 6th and 7th.

After failing to find him, he reached to the director to ask for his help. He reportedly said that he had no clue about his father’s whereabouts as he was with ministers and collectors at all times.

Recordings of the hospital were not available as reportedly the CCTV cameras aren’t working and stated that they are under repair.

Srinivas who is a casual worker at the Dock Labour Board in the city, registered a complaint with Arilova police.

The city has been reporting many cases of infected patient missing from the hospital premises, sparking immense worry from the staff and family members of the people.

In another incident, a 49-year-old man went missing from the King Kothi hospital after testing positive for COVID-19. He left the ward on August 4th without prior notice to the authorities of the hospital. A case was registered by the engineering college employee’s wife after which the police got on their heels to find the patient.

A man had filed a complaint with the police regarding the negligence of the hospital staff after his father was found missing and later dead outside the healthcare centre. The CCTV recordings showed the man walking out of the hospital after he told his son on the call that he wasn’t getting the required treatment and that no one was coming to his help even when he said that he was having difficulty in breathing. He was found dead the next morning among the bushes about a hundred metres from the hospital.