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Cristiano Ronaldo Rape Case: US Court Recommends Dismissal

In a recent update, a US judge has suggested dismissing a civil rape case against Cristiano Ronaldo over an episode in Las Vegas over 10 years ago.

Model Accuses Ronaldo Of Rape In 2009 

Kathryn Mayorga, a previous model, asserts Ronaldo assaulted her in a hotel in 2009. However, Ronaldo has always maintained that the rape allegations were false and their encounter was completely consented.

The criminal case against the Manchester United forward was dropped two years ago, with examiners saying there was no probability of conviction. However, Mayorga, who has postponed her right to anonymity chose to take up civil action against rape.

In a recommendation filed on Wednesday, magistrate judge Daniel Albregts said that Ronaldo’s motion to terminate the case can be granted. However, the recommendation will be reviewed by another judge who was initially hearing the case. So far, Albregts blamed Mayorga’s lawyers for their moves and said that they had based their entire case on a leaked communication between Ronaldo and his legal team.

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He wrote that dismissing Mayorga’s case regarding the inappropriate conduct of her attorney is a harsh result. However, the if the court decides to not grant case termination then Mayorga’s lawyers’ actions would become much more dangerous to the legitimacy of the judicial process.

Ronaldo’s lawyer Peter Christiansen welcomed the recommendation. He said that they are pleased with court’s decision on the matter and are willing to apply with the laws and the facts. He further recommends dismissal of the case. However, no comments have been by Mayorga’s lawyers yet.

The court alsonoted that they did not find enough evidence to support that Ronaldo had committed a crime or that his lawyers intimidated Mayorga. This comes after Mayorga dropped the criminal charges against the football player and a settlement for $375,000 was finalized.