Monday, June 1, 2020
Home Crime Crowd robs fruit vendor off his mangoes worth thousands in Delhi

Crowd robs fruit vendor off his mangoes worth thousands in Delhi

New Delhi: In a terrible showcase of inhumanity, people in Delhi were seen looting a fruit vendor of all his mangoes in broad daylight. Pedestrians, auto-drivers, perhaps anyone who was on the street took the situation as an advantage and stole the crates laden with mangoes which were worth thousands of rupees.

The robbery started when Chhote, the fruit vendor, had kept all his owned boxes near his cart on the road where he was selling the mangoes in North Delhi’s Jagatpuri area. Seeing the unattended crates, some passers-by quickly rushed to grab them. People swooped away the mangoes and looted it clean. Instead of helping the vendor, people were seen shouting and encouraging others to steal the mangoes.

According to Chhote, the infuriating incident took place after a dispute broke out in the neighboring area and he told to move his hand-cart.

“They had a fight over there, near the school. A group of men came here and asked me to move my theli (push cart),” he said on Thursday in a report from ndtv.

“Business has been slow because of the coronavirus lockdown and this incident has broken my back,” the fruit-seller said.

In a video captured by a witness, people can be seen stealing how much ever they possibly can in their hands, helmets, etc. The video recording has got viral on social media where users are seen talking about how none of the authorities were present in a situation when the nation and especially the capital city is flooding with new cases of coronavirus each day and a prevailing lockdown.

The incident also created a traffic jam for the others on the road as anyone and everyone was squirreling to loot the mangoes.

It comes amid reports of breach of coronavirus restrictions in many parts of India. On Thursday, the Union Home Ministry, which controls the Delhi Police, sent a notice to all states asking them to be watchful and not let people break the regulations.

Daily wage workers and migrants are desperate for every drop of water and ounce of food and the people of the country are going around robbing the ones who have absolutely nothing if they lose their bare minimum. An inhuman nature won’t take our nation anywhere.

In regard to this incident, the poor man received no help from anyone on the populated road. Not even one person can be seen coming forward to push away the people who were looting the mangoes. The robbery continued until the crates had none left. This speaks volumes about the behavior and intentions of people who took unfair advantage of the masks, worn to protect one from getting infected, as well in hiding their faces.