Sunday, October 1, 2023
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Cyberabad police takes up massive patrol and surveillance drive

The Cyberabad Police conducted a massive patrol and surveillance drive across the Commissionerate to maintain surveillance and deter sexual offenders.

As part of it, police teams in Cyberabad checked all 143 sex offenders involved in various sexual offenses and women-related crimes in the previous five years. All five zones were involved in the exercise: Madhapur, Rajendranagar, Balanagar, Medchal, and Shamshabad.

Offenders under investigation include those convicted of crimes against women and children, those convicted of heinous crimes such as rape and murder, and those involved in sexual offenses against minors under the age of 12.

Officials stated that during the special drive, the current whereabouts of all offenders, their activities in their residential areas as well as in their surrounding areas, whether the offender is involved in any other crime in any other area, and the offenders’ updated residential details were all recorded.

A close eye on the activities of sex offenders is required for public protection, safety, and security. Officials stated that an extensive network of ground intelligence and beat policing was used to monitor offenders’ activities in order to prevent crimes by habitual offenders.

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Gold valued at over Rs 1.81 cr was seized at Hyderabad Airport

Cyberabad police arrest seven with spurious cotton seeds

On Friday, Cyberabad police arrested seven people and seized 2.65 tonnes of fake cotton seeds in a joint operation with the agriculture department. The accused intended to sell the seeds worth Rs 85 lakh to unsuspecting farmers. According to Cyberabad police commissioner Stephen Raveendra, it is the largest catch of 2023.

During a press conference, Stephen stated that fake BG-III/HT cotton seeds, which are prohibited by the Telangana government, were seized from the seven arrested in Bachupally, Balanagar, and Shabad: Sada Shiva Reddy, K Tayappa, B Ramchander, B Suresh, G Venkata Ramana, P Raghupathi Reddy, and K Praveen Kumar Reddy.






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