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Decomposed Body of Woman Found at Construction Site in Chevella

On Sunday, a decomposing body of a lady, roughly 30 years old, was discovered at a construction site in Chevella, near Ranga Reddy district. Police believe she was sexually abused before her death and that construction workers at the site, maybe under the influence of alcohol, were involved in the crime.

Local neighbours were the first to discover the body, which was wrapped in a cloth, and called the police on Sunday morning. When law officers arrived on the scene, the body was transferred to a hospital for an autopsy.

According to a police officer, the results of the medical examination will help determine whether or not sexual abuse occurred. According to preliminary results, the woman was murdered around two days before her corpse was discovered. An inquiry is now continuing after a case was registered under Section 302 (murder) of the Indian Penal Code



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