Dehydrated White Backed Vulture found in City

May 18th, 2019

Hyderabad: On receiving the information on phone at the Aranya Bhavan on Friday night that a vulture was found near Asifnagar crossroads, the Forest Department personnel of Anti-Poaching Squad, rushed to the spot and found a bird identified as White Backed Vulture Juvenile.

The bird appeared very weak and de-hydrated. The informants Md Abdul Nayeem and Md. Abdul Azeem of Asifnagar handed over the Vulture to Forest staff, who took it to Veterinary hospital in Nehru Zoological Park by 10 pm. At the Zoo Park, the Vulture was provided water mixed with Electral powder.

It recovered by early morning and became active. The bird started taking mutton pieces and was kept under observation in the Zoo Park. The White Backed Vulture is an endangered species in India and globally and was not sighted in and around Hyderabad city in the last 20 years. (NSS)