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Demand for ice apples increases in Hyderabad as mercury levels rise

The summer brings out a craving for mangoes, but ice apples, which are abundant during the season, are also the quintessential summer indulgence.

The translucent ice apples, known locally as Thati Munjalu, are tucked inside hard purple-black or green shells, each containing 2 to 4 ice apples depending on the size of the shell. Peeling away the outer light brown layer reveals the translucent flesh inside, which is packed with nutritious water. The texture is similar to that of tender coconut meat, but the water tastes pleasant and sweet.

Ice apple vendors have been doing well with pushcarts or roadside stalls in Pisal Banda, Chandrayangutta, Balapur, Kothapet, LB Nagar, Santoshnagar, Vanasthalipuram, and Hayathnagar, BN Reddy Nagar, and Karmangh.

“We bring these fruits from Mall, a village in Yacharam Mandal, in an auto-trolley and sell them in different parts of the city. The fruits arrive in April every summer and be available till May,” said Venkatesh, a vendor at Kothapet.

Vendors are seeing huge demand from customers resulting in brisk business across the city, amid the high temperatures.

“There is a very good response from customers as the rise in the mercury levels has pushed up demand for these nutritious fruits among city dwellers,” said Sandeep, another vendor at Pisal Banda.

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Ice apple provides numerous health benefits in addition to its delicious taste. The summer fruit acts as a natural coolant and helps to maintain electrolyte balance in the body. This is in addition to treating summer skin rashes and constipation and digestive problems caused by dehydration during the hot months.







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