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“Destruction Begins: Hyderabad’s Historic Mahboob Chowk Market Makes Way for New Structure”

The destruction of Hyderabad’s historic Mahboob Chowk Market has officially begun, with plans to build a new market in its place within the next two years. State Minister K.T. Rama Rao had directed that construction work on the new building at Mahboob Chowk begin immediately after the foundation stone was laid. However, alterations in the design of the market and steps to accommodate a larger number of people delayed the start of construction.

Greater Hyderabad Municipal Corporation (GHMC) officials have claimed that the demolition process will be completed this week, followed by debris collection and the start of construction work the following week. The Mahboob Chowk Market now has 198 establishments where traders perform their businesses. For several years, the dealers have been negotiating the construction of a new structure.

According to reports, some businesses were considering asking the Telangana High Court for a stay order to stop the GHMC’s demolition plans. In response, municipal officials began the demolition operation on Monday, ordering most merchants to evacuate their premises within two days. Temporary measures have been arranged to allow traders to continue their operations in Khazana-e-Aamira, Khilwat. However, traders have expressed dissatisfaction with the temporary location’s lack of essential amenities, particularly a reliable water supply.

The new Mahboob Chowk Market building, estimated to cost Rs 25 crore, would house existing dealers. Furthermore, attempts have been done to give space for businesses around the Clock Tower, with the goal of improving the area’s attractiveness after the new building is completed.

People from surrounding areas have gathered to capture memories of the iconic Mahboob Chowk Market on their mobile devices after hearing of its demolition. Traders have stated their strong loyalty to the market, where they have done business for generations and which holds sentimental meaning for them.


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