Sunday, October 17, 2021
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Disabled people face trouble in getting UDID Cards in Rajendranagar

With least knowledge of handling a situation, the Anganwadi teachers – serving in different schools for imparting knowledge and were conferred with the task to distribute Unique Disability ID (UDID) cards to disabled people in Rajendranagar, are allegedly putting the divyangs into trouble by depriving them with the cards since the last two years.

Thousands of (UDID) cards having details of the disabled candidates have been issued in the month of June 2019 but are shuttling between the CDPO office and the Disabled Welfare Office Rangaredddy since two years.  While the staff at CDPO office especially in Rajendranagar sent the cards back to Disabled Welfare Office Rangaredddy after keeping with them for almost a year citing they are unable to find the addresses of the card holders, it is said the bundles were return back to them again after few days.

Though the cards were issued in the year 2019, the disabled people got aware of it only in the year 2020. Later, the issue was crouched down under the pandemic driven lockdown for almost a year. However, the disabled people again started enquiring about the cards anxiously from early this year.

Since then the physically challenged people are doing the rounds to CDPO office Rajendranagar but to no avail as the staff is denying the cards from pretext to another instead of evading incontinency to them.

“These cards were lying under the dust in CDPO Office Rajendranagar since two years but they took no pain to distribute them among the disabled people despite their repeated visits to the office. Whenever we approach the official to get the cards we were made to return empty hands,” bemoaned M.Arjun, a disabled person residing at Shivrampally area just few kilometers away from CDPO Office Rajendranagar.

Imran Khan, another divyang from Suleman Nagar area, said “The staff at CDPO Office Rajendranagar turning us back every time simply saying that they are unable to find proper addresses of the cardholders despite that fact that the cardholders every often are approaching the office.”

“The UDID cards are lying at CDPO Office since the last two years. The officials and the Anganwadi teachers, task with distribution of cards, are themselves in a dilemma about the task they were conferred with. At times they propagate that they are providing cards whoever is approaching to them but when the cardholders visiting the CDPO office, they were simply turned back by the staff who claim that they are not authorize to open the covers even though the names of the cardholders are visibly appeared on the covers. It appeared the distribution of cards will not complete till the next two years if the CDPO staff at Rajendranagar continue to adopt the impassive attitude,” rued Afroz, President Telangana Disable Welfare Society.

When contacted the CDPO Rajendranagar Lakshmi said, “There were 1600 UDID cards we have with us in CDPO Office since a year. There were no proper addresses mentioned over the cards that help us find the cardholders. Also, we are not authorized to open the covers and establish the identity of the card holders. Off late the task of identifying the candidates was given to Anganwadi teachers but they are too facing difficulty.”