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Doctors advocate for new Osmania General Hospital building

The Telangana Government Doctors Association (TGDA) urged for the construction of a new facility for the 114-year-old Osmania General Hospital (OGH). Superintendent B Nagender stressed the necessity for a modernized hospital that meets safety standards and provides quality care for patients. He highlighted the need for better teaching facilities to enhance medical education.

Professor Kodandaram emphasized the urgency of addressing the situation regarding the hospital’s existing structure. He encouraged stakeholders to present their views to the government for a decision on the hospital’s future.

Telangana State Medical Council Chairman Dr K Mahesh discussed the historical context, mentioning previous proposals for a new building and challenges posed by the heritage status of the current structure.

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TGDA founder president Dr B Ramesh suggested exploring alternative sites if constructing within the existing campus is not feasible due to heritage considerations. He emphasized the importance of prompt action on the matter.

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