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Drunk Kerala man comes to petrol pump with python, wants to be clicked

The staff at a petrol pump near Kannur was startled to see a man in an inebriated state, carrying a python, come up and request them to take his photo, as per reports.

Abhishek, the salesperson at the  Valapattanam petrol pump, said Chandran was drunk and came to them with a python. “He wanted us to click a picture of him with the python around his neck. Since he was drunk, he did not probably understand the seriousness of what he was doing. Soon things turned worse as the python had started to circle his neck and this led him to fall down,” he said.

“I have never encountered a snake but seeing Chandran struggling, I quickly got a gunny bag and ran towards him.

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He was struggling and with great difficulty, I managed to forcefully pull the tail of the snake and soon it relaxed its grip and crawled away,” said Abhishek, who added that even though he was scared, he did not think anything else as life was in danger and he somehow got the strength to perform a rescue mission.

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