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Dumping of garbage and construction debris go haywire at Mir Alam Lake

Wayward attitude towards government instructions at water bodies and other public utility assets at city’s outskirt became very common as dumping of garbage and construction debris goes unabated as loutish people done give a hoot to such canon meant for protecting civic amenities and citizens own rights. What is more appalling is the officials mute spectator role that adding more fuel to the already volatile situation.

From encroachments on water bodies to breaking of parapet walls of Nalas everything shows the same recalcitrant tendency prevailing in loutish people who ‘cock a snook’ at government’s efforts meant to protect public assets. One such messy state of affair can be witnessed around Mir Alam Lake especially at Indra Nagar route near Pillar Number 258 under PVNR Expressway where caution boards and FTL signs erected by HMWS&SB gradually waning out under the piling up garbage and construction debris.

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Though the board fixed by HMWS&SB clearly says “Raw water pipeline is a heritage structure. 50” width on either side from the pipeline boundary is government land and that the trespassers will be prosecuted” there are no takers of the words written on the caution board which was gradually getting buried to almost half of its height under trash while the further lines on the same goes on saying “Dumping of construction Debris along the pipeline is an offence and punishable as per law under section 49 of the HMWS&SB act 15-1989, and Section 441IPC.”

There is an element of plausibility in ignoring the board as in an area that largely considered as a biggest slum on the city outskirts full of with analphabetic, this board with English inscription means something like ‘This is Greek to me.” Not only the caution board even the FTL sign fixed by the government by and large disappeared under the thick population.

Ironically, there is a huge Nala exists close to place in question through which the sewerage from upper areas directly passing into Mir Alam Lake. The narrow lane passing over the nala became a perilous route for the commuters as the parapet wall of the channel was broken apart atop the bridge opening a wide hollow from the upper side.

“There were brazen encroachments within FTL and buffer zone of the lake. We have notified around 1500 to 1600 houses within the lake area. Officials go into huddle on the issue several times but it fails to reach to a conclusion. Construction of house remain continue without any permission and we feel completely helpless to stop the activities within the lake area,” informed an irrigation official on the condition of anonymity.

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“Officials, after erecting the caution boards and FTL marks never turn back to check whether they are remain existing or disappeared. Not only the locals even the sanitary staff also seen dumping garbage over the boards as if the sign board is encouraging to do so,” bemoaned Kamelakar Jitender, a social activist from Attapur.

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