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EFLU Hyderabad Sexual Assault Sparks Protests

A sexual assault incident at Hyderabad’s English and Foreign Languages University (EFLU) has sparked protests and skirmishes between students and police.

On the night of October 18, two guys sexually raped a female student on the EFLU campus. The victim had previously participated in a school demonstration calling for the creation of an anti-sexual harassment committee, and her assailants made reference to this during the attack.

Following the tragedy, students at EFLU began calling for the victim’s justice and the resignation of the university’s Vice-Chancellor, Suresh Kumar. They urged that those responsible for the attack face severe judicial repercussions.

Protests erupted, resulting in a conflict between students and police. Students accused the police of employing excessive force to allow the Vice-Chancellor to leave school. Protests lasted till the early hours of the morning.

The EFLU administrators released a statement suggesting that the event was being investigated by the police. They also stated that the University’s Internal Complaints Committee had taken prompt action and was providing the victim with the required support.

Students challenged the university’s assertion that they moved quickly. They said that it took the institution seven hours to reply and chastised the administration for attempting to distract attention away from a planned pro-Palestine demonstration.

Students protested the reconstitution of the SPARSH group, an anti-sexual harassment group. They anticipated the university administration’s response to the sexual assault occurrence.

The incident emphasizes the necessity of addressing campus safety and the need for solid processes in educational institutions to prevent and resolve sexual harassment. The case also underscores the possibility of clashes and protests in the aftermath of such instances, as students seek responsibility from university officials and law enforcement.

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