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Empty Stands: Lackluster Turnout at ICC World Cup Match in Hyderabad

The World Cup fever is currently gripping India, with cricket enthusiasts eagerly following the tournament. The second match of the competition saw the 1992 champions Pakistan face off against the Netherlands at the Rajiv Gandhi International Stadium in Hyderabad on a Friday. However, the scene at the stadium in Hyderabad was quite reminiscent of what was witnessed in Ahmadabad during the first match. Despite the anticipation, the stadium remained eerily empty, with fans displaying minimal interest in the game.

The Rajiv Gandhi International Stadium, usually teeming with spectators during IPL and various other events, wore a deserted look on this particular day. Disappointed by the lackluster turnout, a group of young Hyderabad cricket Fans present at the stadium decided to share images of the empty seats and the subdued atmosphere on social media.

A Die-hard cricket fan Mohammad Ismail Farhan of Rasoolpura shared pictures on social media of Rajiv Gandhi International Stadium with empty seats and a low number of fans which went viral.

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The youth who commented on these pictures expressed hope that the match between India and Australia in Chennai on Sunday will manage to draw a larger crowd to the stadium

Yesterday the ICC Cricket World Cup began in India, with the first match featuring defending champions England and New Zealand. The opening match of the World Cup was played on Thursday at the ‘Narendra Modi Cricket Stadium,’ the largest stadium in the world, located in Ahmedabad.

This stadium can accommodate a whopping 132,000 spectators at once. However, cricket enthusiasts were met with disappointment as there were no spectators in the stadium during the first match.

When the captains of both teams came to the ground for the toss, at that time, the Narendra Modi Cricket Stadium in Ahmedabad was completely empty. Even after the match started, only a limited number of spectators were visible in the stadium.

In the same vein, interesting comments from cricket fans have been seen on social media website Twitter. Mufaddal Wohra expressed in his tweet, “There is a lot of hope that the stadium will be filled with spectators by the evening. The first match of the World Cup deserved to have more people in the stands.”

Journalist Tim Wigmore, sharing a picture of the Ahmedabad Stadium, writes, “The ICC Cricket World Cup has begun. It’s sad to see empty seats.” Rashmi commented on this, saying, “Empty stadium! Even if India were playing the first match, it would still make sense, but why is this match happening in Ahmedabad?”

Imran Sadiq humorously shared a video of the empty stadium, writing, “In the first match of the World Cup, there are more players on the ground than there are spectators in the stadium.

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