Wednesday, March 29, 2023
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Extensive hail storming turned Marpally mandal into snow valley

In an unusual incident, a hour long incessant rains coupled with hailstorm and gusty winds on Thursday afternoon has turned the Marpally mandal of Vikarabad district into a snow valley as the hails extensively dropped from the sky for almost an hour left the area wears a look of a Scandinavian country where snow falling is a common seen.

The downpour of hailstorm, that begin post noon has wrapped the roads, streets, bylines, farm fields, house roofs and the trees under the dense layer of snow similar the way it usually witnessed in Kashmir and other parts of the European continent like Canada and Scandinavian region.

The unusual shower of hail caught the local people by surprise who, in their wildest dream, never expected such a phenomenon would ever happen in their area which is generally considered a dry region.

Earlier, when the local people emerged from their houses soon after the showers ceased they left awestruck watching their area completely covered-up with white bed made-up of hails.

The local people said that they never witnessed such an extensive showering of hail in their area ever before. People were found later collecting the hail dropped from the sky in abundance. The extensive spell of hailstorm left several people injured and damaged vehicles parked on the roads.

Apart from this, the thunderstorm accompanied with gusty winds left scores of trees and electric poles uprooted at several places that resulted in power blockage in many parts of the district.

There are reports of severe damage to the standing crops in the district due to hail storming. Mango groves spread on lakhs of actress with tender fruits in the district too received a wrath of nature that continued for almost an hour.

An hour long incessant rain accompanied with thunderstorm and gusty winds together with hailstorm has dropped down the temperature significantly in the district where people until now are found refraining from stepping out their houses due to severe heatwave.