Sunday, July 5, 2020
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Family fined Rs 6 lakhs over wedding of 250 people, groom and 15 guests get covered-19

Jaipur: Ditching all norms and regulations issued by the government to prevent coronavirus, a family in Jaipur organized the wedding of their son in a grand way, inviting 250 people.

The administration of the Bhilwara district levied a fine of Rs. 6, 26, 600 for this irresponsible and illegal act. The wedding took place on June 13th with many people being a part of it, not caring about any fear of the dreaded virus which has already taken thousands of lives.

As expected, the virus grasped 15 invitees, which included the groom with its infection. The celebration consisted of 250 people, as opposed to the limit of 50, announced by the central government. The groom, along with 15 attendees tested positive for covid-19 on June 27th.

Moreover, according to the officials, the groom’s grandfather fell victim to the infection as well and passed away soon after. His aunty and uncle too were tested positive. An event organized to celebrate a happy occasion turned out to be an extremely unfortunate and terrible day due to the irresponsible behaviour of the families.

Nevertheless, 17 other attendees of the event, including the bride, tested negative for coronavirus.

The 15 covid-19 patients were shifted to the hospital for apt treatment while over a hundred guests have been quarantined.

Following this, the state government slammed the groom’s father with a hefty fine which included the charges to cater all the people who attended the wedding and fell prey to the virus due to his fault.

He was charged with a fine of Rs. 6.26 lakhs to cover the bills of the quarantine centre and the hospital for the treatment and isolation of the infected guests.

Rajendra Bhatt, the Bhilwara District Magistrate, has told the Tehsildar of the area to retrieve the money within a span of 3 days from the groom’s father at any cost.

Furthermore, he asked him to deposit the same in the Chief Minister Relief Fund for it to be used in the treatment of the guests.

If any other fees are required to be paid in the future for the medical care, it needs to be collected from the groom’s father itself. The order was issued referring to the Epidemic Act.

Moreover, the order also stated that Rizul, the groom, and his father GheesuLalRathihad not followed the social distancing norms at any time during the wedding nor had they asked others present to do so. They dint even take the basic necessary precautions. Both of them and most of the guests were not wearing any masks. Along with this, there was no provision or use of sanitizers at the wedding.

At a time when the world is shivering with the outcome and steady increase in the number of coronavirus cases, such incidents prove the irresponsible and insane mentality of people who ignore all norms and put not only their but even a hundred other people’s lives at stake.