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Filmfare gets the OTT twist- Cast your votes for India’s first digital awards

With OTT platforms taking over the classic theatre movies in recent times, an awards ceremony celebrating the stars of these OTT shows and films was on the cards since long. The Black Lady, Filmfare, is all set to launch its annual awards through the online mode.

In conjunction with FLYX, Filmfare is now allowing fans over the nation to participate in the crucial voting procedure by choosing their favourites and pushing them up to the nominations list.

For the first time, fans will be nominating the series, movies, actors, etc., they loved on the OTT sites but couldn’t watch them collecting the accolades they deserve.

As Filmfare and FLYX come together, a new voting regime has come into the picture by their joint efforts as users can engage with the awards and stars virtually.

Bollywood fans and entertainment fans, in general, will be permitted through this to cast their votes on the FLYX app by which, they can provide their influential support to their favourites. Nominations can be made exclusively via FLYX mobile application, its website and Filmfare’s microsite.

Called as the FLYX Filmfare OTT Awards this year, the company with this step is trying to democratize the voting process by which emerging and deserving new talent can be recognized and given their rightful honour.

Voting has been opened for the public from 23rd November and will be closed on 6th December 2020. In the last two days, voters are required to punch in their votes only through the FLYX app as the other modes won’t be counted then.

30 categories have been chosen for awards in this new ceremony out of which, 18 are open for public nomination. The highest voted actors/series/movies from each category will then be grouped to form the official nominations from which will be picked the winners.

Nominations for the coveted black lady will be displayed from 9th– 16th December while the winners will be declared on 19th December.

These awards are being held to identify and honour the OTT shows and movies released on the platforms between 1st August 2019 and 31st July 2020.

Editor of Filmfare, Jitesh Pilaai, while speaking about this new medium said, “While it’s been a year to remember, it’s also been one with many firsts for Filmfare. The start of the year saw the prestigious Filmfare Awards being held outside Mumbai for the first time in 64 years. The end of the year will mark another milestone moment for us as we celebrate the finest in the OTT industry. One can only marvel at how the OTT space has been brimming with innovative and gripping narratives, riveting characters and new talented actors breathing life into these tales. This year, the idea of extending the legacy of Filmfare Awards to streaming platforms seeks to recognize and thank the best of content creators and artistes who have given us constant entertainment even during these trying times.”

As the coronavirus pandemic gained a tighter grip on the normal lives of the people around the world, OTT platforms have come up as a mode of relief for satisfying their entertainment needs as theatres remained shut for many months. With this trend getting momentum, India is expected to surpass the world in the OTT growth charts in the coming 5 years.

Expressing his views regarding the major project, his application and alliance with Filmfare, the CEO and Co-founder of FLYX, Shashank Singh said, “We at FLYX are super excited to partner with Filmfare on this exciting journey, this is a historic moment for the Indian streaming industry. Filmfare has a strong legacy and FLYX brings modern age technology to digital entertainment. FLYX is a fast-growing community of movie and show lovers who love to share their excitement and enthusiasm with their friends and family. With Streaming wars at its peak, FLYX helps you to find the best content that you will absolutely love. With Filmfare and FLYX coming together, honour your favourite stars, movies and shows by voting at this historic event.”

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