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Fire Engulfs Tent Home in Begum Bazaar: No Injuries, Successful Rescue by Firefighters

On Sunday evening, a tent home in Begum Bazaar caught fire, destroying belongings worth several thousands. Fortunately, no one was injured in the incident. The firefighters successfully freed five people who were trapped in a neighbouring flat.

Amar Tent House on M J Market Road caught fire around 6.30 p.m. Four fire tenders were despatched to the scene after getting the information to put out the roaring flames. The fire spread to the second floor of a neighbouring apartment building as firefighters were extinguishing it at the tent house.

Using the building’s stairs, the firefighters quickly entered the afflicted flat and successfully evacuated the five inhabitants. The fire had filled the flat with smoke, but the officials were able to escort everyone outside safely.

Residents of other flats in the building were urged to evacuate as a precaution. After nearly two hours of tireless efforts by the fire service, the fire was eventually brought under control.Although fire officials suspect a short circuit, they are undertaking additional investigations to ascertain the actual cause of the incident.



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