Sunday, October 25, 2020
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Flood water swept away 4 members of another Muslim family in Gagan Pahad

In yet another heart-wrenching incident, four members of a Muslim family washed away after a bund of Appa Cheruvu at Gagan Pahad near the Shamshabad area developed a breach on the fateful night of 13th October. While three of the bodies including a minor were found Yesterday morning near their house, one minor boy is still missing even two days after the incident.

The incident happens the same night of 13th October when 9 members of another family in Ali Nagar, Bandlaguda under Chandrayangutta lost their lives after a wall of their house collapsed out of the blue unable to endure the increscent rains last week.

As per the report, the incident happened two days ago on the intervening night of 13th October between 12.00 to 12.30 pm when the bund of Appa Cheruvu developed a breach unable to withstand huge inflow from Brahmandla Kunta, another water body located at upstream area and linked to few other water channels in downwards direction.

It is said that the Bramandla Kunta, located beside Dream Monarch at Gagan Pahad was the first to develop a breach on the fateful night of 13th October causing a flood directly into Appa Cheruvu which was already filled due to weeklong increscent rains.

A 25-year-old woman Kareema Begum, her younger brother Amer Khan and her two children Ayan and Sahil aged 7 and 4 respectively were washed away under the influence of floodwater breaching Appa cheruvu, a water body that fails to withstand recent incessant rains.

It is said that 25-year-old Kareema Begum, who was married to a family in Jedcharla, came to visit her parents at Gaganpahad area under Rajendranagar a few days ago. However, her visit to her parent’s house turned into a fate worse than death as all the family members including her brother and her two children were washed away in the floodwater.

Though the bodies of three of them such as Kareema Begum, Mohammed Amer Khan,  and 4 years old Sahil were found lying motionless the next day near their house, the other child Ayan is still missing. The impact of the flood was so great that the body of Kareema Begum was found around 300 feet away from the house. Though the last rites of the three victims were performed Yesterday night, the family is still in search of a little boy who has been missing since the incident took place.

One can assume the gravity of nature’s fury with the extent of damage the flood has caused in this area where several heavy vehicles that include a bus, few cars, and cabs were seen scattered all the away on the busy road. These vehicles used to stay close to the water body which developed breach Tuesday night and was washed away several miles from the spot under the impact of floodwater. It is yet to be ascertained how many more people are actually missing after the mayhem caused due to a breach in the water body.

Several vehicles, this morning, were found scattered around the spot near GaganPahad Bridge explaining the gravity of nature’s ruthless fury. Shamshabad police is still trying to ascertain the damage caused by the flood.