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Forest officials begin efforts to capture tiger that killed youth in Asifabad

Efforts are being taken to capture the tiger who recently attacked and killed a tribal man in Asifabad forest after forest range department officers started gaining criticism for undertaking no measures to avoid the incident.

Tigers have also been attacking cattle by entering the borders of villages, sending a trail of fear in locals.

The Digida village incident grabbed a lot of attention on the failed work of the officials. The authorities later reached the village of Dahegaon Mandal to look into the matter on Thursday.

In order to trap the big cat, Vinod Kumar, CP of Adilabad district Conservator of Forest said they were going to place 10 cage enclosures and install CCTV surveillance cameras to trace the tiger moving in the vicinity of the forest and adjoining villages.

He added that the department is aiming to capture the big cat as soon as possible to shift it to Hyderabad’s Nehru Zoological Park, so that incidents of such kind are not repeated in the future.

The measures were adopted after the attack on Vignesh by a tiger in the carnivore’s corridor between Maharashtra and Telangana. His mauled body was recovered by the locals who informed the police and forest officials. As such, Vinod Kumar, District Forest Officer Shantaram, and Rebbena Forest Range Officer Purnima came to the scared village to meet the family of the victim. The IFS officer informed regarding the Rs.5 lakh compensation offered to them in view of their son’s death.

Tiger K8 or A2 are suspected to have committed the act, according to the official. He also explained the presence of the 8 tigers in the thick forest area of Kumram Bheem Asifabad and urged locals to not wander the same as similar occasions could occur. The movement of humans in the forest tends to disturb the big cats that lead to unfortunate incidents, he added.

Vignesh and his two friends had gone into the forest area for fishing in the nearby river when the dreaded incident took place. When his friends moved away from Vignesh to collect leaves for placing the caught fish, a tiger pounced on Vignesh and dragged him into the forest.

The frozen to death duo somehow managed to inform the villagers who rushed to the area and found the partially eaten body of Vignesh.

His final rites for the funeral were concluded on Thursday and was attended by villagers in large numbers to bid farewell to the 22-year-old.

Vignesh’s death left his parents, Dashraiah and Shankarabai, devasted as he was their only son. Their cries couldn’t be consolled even with the collective support of the locals. The small village was engulfed with a heavy feeling of sadness following the horrific death of the young man.