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Foundation event draws line between Muslims and Sarkari Muslims: Oppn

After much brouhaha, finally the auspicious occasion come today that saw laying foundation stone for the construction of sacked Mosques at Secretariat as Moulana Mufti Khaleel Ahmed of Jamia Nizamia Hyderabad laid the foundation stone in the presence of eminent leaders largely from ruling TRS and MIM party.

Though two mosques were demolished in the state secretariat, foundation stone was laid on 1500 square yard of plot purportedly as a compensation of loss for both the mosques sacked almost 18 months ago. Besides Moulana Mufti Khaleel Ahmed, who laid the foundation stone, other dignitaries attended the ceremony that include Home Minister Mahmood Ali, Leader of the Opposition Akberuddin Owaisi, MLA Malakpet Ahmed Balala, MLA Charminar Pasha Quadri, Chairman State Wakf Board Mohammed Saleem, MLA Danam Nagender and etc.

Interestingly, the Chief Minister K.Chandrasekhar Rao distanced himself from the ceremony while few of his party leaders like Mahmood Ali, Danam Nagender and turned up for the event.

However, the saddest part is that no opposition leader was allowed to take part in the foundation ceremony as they were mostly house arrested by the police since morning.

To avoid any tension during the foundation ceremony, the entire area of the ceremony was turned into a police camp, for the heck of it, while only the leaders from ruling party and its’ allies were allowed to enter the venue.

Though the Tahreek Muslim Shabban welcomed the event to lay foundation stone for the construction of mosque, it also criticized the TRS government for confining the ceremony to its coteries. While addressing the Media at Organizations headquarter in the city, the President Tahreek Muslim Shabban Syed Mushaq Malik said that “The foundation ceremony   could be held in more fervent environment but it was turned into insalubrious event instead. People, who relentlessly fight for the reconstruction of sacked mosques at secretariat, were house arrested as police were deployed at their houses while the foundation stone was simply laid in their absence at secretariat.”

Claiming that the foundation ceremony was held in a hustle-bustle to deliberately play down the impact of ‘flash protest’ of joint action committee (JAC) formed to mount pressure on the government for the reconstruction of mosques, he said “Deployment of police personnel at the houses of JAC leaders speaks enough to prove the point that the government was smelled troubled as the demand for reconstruction of mosques at secretariat retched up due to spell of protests in the city and beyond.”

It is the relentless spell of protests against the demolition of mosques that left the government swept under the carpet and rolled out plans for the construction of mosques lest we find the ruling party was not operating in a bona fide manner since the beginning,” asserted Mushta Malik.

Affirming the same, another opposition leader and a contested candidate from Karwan Assembly Constituency Osman Al-Hajri said, “Government invited only those people whom it considered as its coteries. The foundation ceremony held today at the secretariat clearly draws a line between the state sponsored Muslims and the true Muslims.”

Reacting on today event at Secretariat, Moulana Syed Tariq Quadri, the President of All India Majlis Inquilab-e-Millat (AIMIM-I) said, “Mosque foundation ceremony at secretariat has once again exposed and highlighted the TRS-AIMIM coterie‘s role in public gaze. This event has established that the government has acted in a partisan manner and elevated some ulema’s stature to darbari ulema status.

Meanwhile questioning the CM’s absence in today’s foundation ceremony Syed Ifteqar Hussaini, a community activist, tweeted on his wall “Is CM KCR despised with Muslims or having any other issue with them as he largely avoids all the Muslim centric programs during the last seven years? He was not even seen attending programs to see-off the convoy of Haj pilgrims even single time in his rule.”

Syed Shah Ahmadullah Hussaini, another person from Hyderabad, posted on his face book page, “Secretariat ke masajid ki buniyad girane may jiski ijazat thi, aaj wohi sab rakhenge sangge buniyad.”(All those people will lay foundation today who were orchestrated the whole episode clandestinely.” He further wrote “Waze rahe ke inmey se kisi ney bhi Masajid ki shahdat par awaz buland nahi ki thi aur apne ohdao se Musalmanao ka sirf dil bahlaya kartey they.” (It may be noted that these are the persons who never raised their voices against the demolition of mosques and instead coaxed the Muslims simply enjoying their positions at offices.”