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Four injured in scuffle, stone-pelting in Delhi’s Gautampuri

Four people, including two women, were injured after two separate altercations broke out between the two groups, resulting in scuffles, a Delhi Police official said on Monday.

Officials said that police received a police control room (PCR) call at approximately 10:30 a.m. on Monday, reporting incidents of stone pelting and quarrel in Gautampuri.

“Upon receiving the call, the police promptly arrived at the scene, where they were informed by the caller, Ranjit (22), that the previous day, around 7 p.m., his 14-year-old niece had gone missing. Consequently, they were conducting a search operation in the vicinity,” said Deputy Commissioner of Police (southeast) Rajesh Deo.

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“Thereupon, two bikers passed by and made some unwanted remarks on the issue. Consequently, a quarrel broke out around 10.45 pm, which escalated into a fight involving two nephews of Ranjit, identified as Rahul (24) and Ritik (22),” said the DCP.

Both the injured were immediately taken to AIIMS Trauma Centre, and their Medico-Legal Cases (MLCs) were prepared by early morning.

Later in the morning, Ranjit, a junk dealer by profession, along with his family members and other relatives, were sitting in front of his shop in Gautampuri, discussing the missing niece. At that moment, two bike-borne men passed by at a high speed.

“The handle of their bike made contact with Ranjit’s son, leading to a quarrel between them. Subsequently, the two individuals called their friends and well-wishers, who pelted stones and glass bottles at Ranjit’s house, creating a ruckus at the spot. Two women sustained sharp/blunt injuries — the complainant’s sister, Shamkali, and another woman named Urmila,” said the official.

“Allegations have been made against the assailants, identified as DK aka Diggi, Raja, Deepu, Harshu, Pepsu, Kalu, and their associates,” said the official.

“The injured women were shifted to AIIMS Trauma Centre, and their MLCs are currently pending. Legal action is being taken in this regard, and a criminal case of rioting and assault has been registered,” said the official, adding that the situation is now peaceful.










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