Sunday, October 17, 2021
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Friday Night Showers Brought City Life To Standstill Again

Following a lull of over one week, the Friday night torrential rains yet again lashed the city that pushed the people back into their homes.

Showers, that begins on a soft note at 5.00 pm in a first bout, has came back again at 7.30 pm with high intensity that goes on till 11.00 pm putting the general life again into standstill for almost for four hours.

The second spell of rain that begin hitting the ground from 7.30 pm, abruptly took down the power supply leaving behind several areas completely dark for almost four hours. Several areas especially the low lying localities in the city again bear the brunt of the furious rain that goes on for four hours.

The GHMC staff in the city and worker in neighboring municipalities were swung into action again after the reports of low lying areas submerged has start pouring in from several areas.

Roads and main thoroughfares at several areas in Shivrampally and Attapur were seen inundated to several miles that took the passengers by storm. GHMC staff along with local volunteers was seen helping the passenger by opening the blocked manholes over the roads to allow gushed water freely pass under the drains.

The road near Dar-ul-Uloom, Shivrampally was inundated upto a feet making it difficult for the vehicles to pass on freely through the road. Local area volunteers swung into action and help people and passengers in finding proper way from the grid lock situation.

Mukarram Khan, a social activist of the area said “We had to toil hard for atleast one and a half hour to set the things right and help people to get rid of the grid lock at Dar-ul-Uloom area that created due to abrupt raining today night. Though the storm water is moving down quite easily at initially stage through the culvert but the situation goes out of control soon when the intensity of gushing in water increased in the area that led to heavy water clogging.

“Besides clearing off the blocked over the road, we even try to help people in moving out from the situation safely as the high mast lights were switched off soon with heavy showering,” he informed.

After a three weeks of incessant rains in last month, no rains were reported anywhere from the city during the last two week this month. However, the Friday night showers in the city and suburban areas reminisces the misery of people hit by furious rain that battered life only last month.