Thursday, August 18, 2022
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Garbage dumping at Govt. ITI old city poses health risk for trainees

Apart from shortage of faculty, infrastructure and material in centrally sponsored institutions in the old city area, the sanitary system too was not appropriately maintained around the establishments that provide training to a myriad number of students from different parts of the city and districts.

What could be a better example than the Government Industrial Training Institute Bahadurpura, also known as Govt.I.T.I. Old City, where a huge garbage open dumping point greets visitors every day and pose a health threat to the students and the faculty alike who are regular to the institution.

Spread over 6.5 acres of area, excluding the extent of encroachments, this institution was established in the year 1972 with a sole purpose of providing industrial training to students wishing to shape their future in the industrial sector.

Nestled around a densely populated area of Ramanathapura in Bahadurpura area, this institution is standing close to Nehru Zoological Park on the south west and Slaughter House known as Kamela in local parlance on the South eastern side.

However, in an institution where nearly 450 students from city and districts are getting industrial training in 12 different trades, no proper sanitation system is being maintained in and around the establishment.

Just a few meters away from Zoo Park on the National Highway-44, a narrow lane opens to lead this centrally sponsored institution. Since the institution is located amid a densely populated habitation, the people living around the Government I.T.I throw garbage near the gate of the I.T.I. Cherry on the top is that the GHMC too made it an open dumping point and set a pair of mobile toilets that only comes to compound the issue.

It is found that whatever the faculty members and the students are coming to the institution daily has to suffer in silence as neither the GHMC nor the Director of General Training has taken any appropriate measure to improve sanitation system at the industrial training institution.