Wednesday, September 28, 2022
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Garbage dumping at Jalpally Lake making people gasping for fresh air

The soothing ambiance of Jalpally lake under Jalpally Municipality is gradually turning into a garbage dump yard with lorries with loads of trash from different areas are frequently dumping the rubbish there and even burning it brazenly only to cause health hazard to the people leaving in nearby areas.

This site is located almost 500 to 600 meters away from Jalpally Lake once known for its pristine water. Lorries and auto trolleys with loads of trash are making their way directly to the site all the way from neighboring areas every day and dumping the same there only to turn the beautiful ambiance into a dump yard. It is said that GHMC Officials of neighboring areas are fully acquainted with the messy transportation.

The thick flames of fog frothing out from the burnt garbage are gradually overpowering the ambient temperature in the area making it difficult for the nearby people to breathe properly. Officials neither from GHMC nor from the Municipality side took any cognizance of the awful state of the affair here prevailing since along.

The messy state of affairs is prevailing for a long. Last year when the issues took a serious turn and choke the air with thick smoke, the officials turned up only to provide temporary relief by carting away the dumped trash to some other location, said Vinayak, a local resident.

When contacted, the Chairmen Jalpally Municipality Abdallah Sadi said, “We are aware of the wayward practice of the people assigned with the GHMC and have already filed two cases against them in Pahadi Shareef Police Station. We will start taking action against those people dumping the garbage on the site from tomorrow itself. In the meantime, we decided to install CCTV cameras close to the site to keep an eye on the lorries and trolleys dumping trash there and will impose challans on them against such violations.”