Monday, September 28, 2020
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Gender can not be a discriminating factor its all in the mind: Smriti Irani

Hyderabad: CII-Indian Women Network (IWN), Telangana organized the 6th edition of the Annual Leadership Conclave, titled “Power Women 2020” today. Delivering the Keynote Address,  Smriti Irani,  Union Minister for Women & Child Development and Textiles, Government of India said that there is no specific recipe or template for one to achieve success in life. We should remember that everything is in the mind. It can be our biggest enemy or greatest friend. According to the Smriti Irani, there are people with the best of infrastructure and facilities for success, yet they have failed and there have been people who were not in the race at all but emerged successfully. Don’t rest on your laurels and keep working hard on your goals. Focus on upskilling and reskilling, she reiterated. She also mentioned that sometimes there is an unconscious gender bias that needs to be eliminated. Gender cannot be a discriminating factor, she stressed.  One of the turning points in our country was when men came out and supported the cause of women’s safety during the Nirbhaya case.

Renuka Ramnath, Founder, MD & CEO, Multiples Alternate Asset Management, said that some of the worst periods of life would bring in the great successes. The world is full of kind people and many times help comes from unknown people. Successful Women need to mentor women who are ambitious and wish to climb up the corporate ladder. She also mentioned that to gain success in the corporate world we need to prepared to take risks and have an eye on the larger pictures. Now many corporates are taking proactive measures to encourage more women to join the workforce and climb up the corporate ladder than ever before which is a welcome sign. There would be many more successful role models in the future.

Rujuta Diwekar, India’s leading nutrition and exercise science expert addressing the participants at the Conclave shared her tips on the five power foods for women- rice, ghee, peanuts, fruits, and tubers. She also discussed the importance of exercise in maintaining good health.

Shreegauri Sawant, Transgender Activist & Director, Saakshi Char Chowghi sharing her story on starting her NGO & adopting her daughter mentioned that Motherhood is behavior and it is important to think beyond the gender.

Other eminent speakers at the Conclave were, Mr. Krishna Bodanapu, Chairman – CII Telangana & Chairman & Managing Director, CYIENT Ltd, Ms. Swathi Kantamani, Chairwoman -IWN Telangana & Managing Trustee, Natco Trust. About 500 corporate women joined the session.