Saturday, July 4, 2020
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GHMC asks LRS applicants to get approvals by Dec. 31

Hyderabad: The Comprehensive Road Maintenance Project works will be grounded by December 10, said GHMC Commissioner Lokesh Kumar today.

Addressing media, the Commissioner said fieldwork was going on to identify the major roads to take up the Comprehensive Road Maintenance works in the City for 709 KM road length. Simultaneously work was also going on at parallel and link roads to ease the traffic load on the main roads by removing bottlenecks if necessary through Land acquisition. There are proposals to develop at least 10 km in each Zone and Rs 280 crores were sanctioned.

Regarding the LRS Scheme, the GHMC was asking some 28,000 applicants to come and get LRS clearance before December 31. Efforts were being made to contact LRS applicants by various means through phone, SMS, voice message and so on and also instructed the officials concerned to be available at office between 3 pm and 5 pm to solve the problems in the clearance of files. In the earlier drive, some 26,000 LRS applications were cleared, he added.

 The Commissioner said they were identifying open places to construct public toilets and also to take up tree plantation under Greenery Development Program and also restoration of parks which were neglected. He also said some 35 Bus Bays to be constructed, proposals to construct one Skyway in each Zone and also Foot-Over-Bridge after getting necessary approvals. Filling of potholes on roads was in progress and the latest machines were being used for stretches ranging from 130 to 140 meters of Road. Within 2 to 3 months, all damaged roads will be rectified. He also said some 9,000 2BHK houses are ready and by June 50,000 houses would be ready for occupation.