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GHMC Implements Measures to Mitigate Floods and Water Stagnation During Monsoon

Several solutions have been implemented by the Greater Hyderabad Municipal Corporation (GHMC) to minimise floods and water stagnation in low-lying regions during monsoon and heavy rainfall. The GHMC completed 968 stormwater drain-related works, including remodelling, in 2022-23 at a cost of Rs 533.79 crore. 462 works costing Rs 216.11 crore have been completed, with the remaining works in various states of completion.

The GHMC began 478 projects with a budget of Rs 320.83 crore the next year, 2023-24. So far, one work has been finished at a cost of Rs 0.85 crore, while the rest 477 works totaling Rs 319.98 crore are in various stages of completion.

The GHMC has focused on desilting stormwater drains and nalas (canals) to prevent flooding and waterlogging in addition to improving the stormwater drain network. In 2022, 371 desilting operations of Rs 56.31 crore were approved, resulting in the removal of 3.74 lakh cubic metres of silt. 56 works were sanctioned in 2023, with a budget of Rs 53.6 crore, and 68,000 cubic metres of desilting was completed.

The GHMC has identified sections along the nalas that need to be strengthened in preparation for the forthcoming monsoon. Work on repairs is now underway, including the construction of retaining walls and the installation of safety signage. The GHMC’s Assistant Engineers (AEs) and Deputy Executive Engineers (DEEs) have been tasked with ensuring safety measures along the nalas.

The GHMC Commissioner has issued an order holding AEs and DEEs accountable in order to enforce accountability and ensure adherence to safety measures. If any unfortunate accidents occur as a result of a lack of safety precautions, they will face disciplinary punishment. According to the GHMC Commissioner’s mandate, the engineers must submit an action taken report on nalas in their respective jurisdictions by the end of the month.



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