GHMC plans to uplift scavenger community

October 9th, 2019

Hyderabad: In order to uplift the Scavenger Community,  GHMC   is collecting data of those who worked as scavengers in the past and who left the work and their present social status and family particulars.

Commissioner GHMC  Lokesh Kumar held a review meeting with the representatives of Valmiki Samaj, unions of Scavengers along with the Additional Commissioner and Zonal Commissioners and HODs and asked the representatives of the Union to provide the details of  Scavengers who worked earlier and also who left the work and their present status of family members, so that a comprehensive plan can  be taken up to rehabilitate in a proper way or to provide alternative employment to them.

Commissioner said the GHMC could get details of about 140 members and asked the representative to provide the complete details at the earliest. He further said GHMC studying the feasibility of handing over of maintenance of BOT Toilets to the Community. The relaxation of conditions, how best to accommodate their participation in tenders to the community is under study. To provide health check-up to all the sanitation workers in every 3 months at Zonal Level.

 Additional Commissioners Siktha Patnaik,  Sandeep Jha, Shruthi Oja, Jayaraj Kennedy, Vijaya Laxmi, Zonal Commissioners, Hari Chandana, Musharaff Ali,  Shankariah, Srinivas Reddy, Director Vigilance Enforcement  Viswajit Kampathi, Chief Engineer, Zia Uddin, and other HODs attended the meeting.