Sunday, October 17, 2021
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“Goa must be governed by Goans, Goa is of Goans by Goans and for Goans” Says P. Chidambaram

With the 2022 assembly elections in Goa approaching, the Former Union Finance Minister and AICC senior observer, P. Chidambara on Thursday said that whoever wins in Goa, the power ascends in the national capital.

Chidambaram Declares To Win Delhi In 2024

As per the latest reports, Chidambaram during the inauguration of the party’s election office in Panaji spoke to the media. He said that as he recalls history, “whoever winds Goa wins Delhi”. He said that in 2007, the won the elections in Goa and then in 2009, they won the elections in Delhi. But things changed a bit in 2017. In that year, they won Goa but their legislators lost Goa. So in 2019, they lost in Delhi.

Chidambaram added that this time they will win the Goa Assembly Elections in 2022 and then in 2024, they will win in Delhi.

He then encouraged his party to move forward with confidence as the victory is already theirs.

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He further said that Goa is not a colony and won’t be ruled by “invaders”. He said that Goa will be ruled by the Goans. While he didn’t reveal any party names but he might have obliquely referred to the national parties like Trinamool Congress, the ruling Bharatiya Janata Party and the Aam Aadmi Party.

Chidambaram said that Goa cannot become a political colony for any invader and must be governed by the Goans.

“Goa must be governed by Goans, Goa is of Goans by Goans and for Goans,” he added.

Chidambaram Encourages To Win Hearts And Minds Of The People

During his speech, he said that from this day and to the next 100 days, there will be elections. While he wasn’t sure of the dates but he assumed it’d be 100 days. He said that they have spent enough time in planning and discussing through things. And it was now time to go out in the field and talk to the people.

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He said, every day they must move forward and win as many hearts as possible and send a message to the country that Goa will see a Congress government in 2022.