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“God for us”-Telangana villagers install idol of Sonu Sood in new temple

Moved by the dozens of humanitarian works done by actor and philanthropist Sonu Sood, residents of a village in Telangana built a temple in his honour to recognize the outstanding contributions he has made to the society and to urge the youth of the locality to follow the footsteps of the SDG Special Humanitarian Action Award winner.

To felicitate Mr. Sood, villagers of Chelime Tanda of Siddipet’s Dhoolimitta mandal joined hands to erect an idol of the actor after getting enlightened about the numerous attempts made by him to ease the lives of poor across the country, irrespective of their caste, religion or gender.

Beginning from the transportation facilities provided by the ‘Happy New Year’ star for the migrant laborer’s during the lockdown period to the requests of financial assistance he receives and accepts on a daily basis, the villagers said they were touched with his efforts.

As such, with the idea of a 21-year-old youngster named Rakesh Nayak, the village decided to build a temple with his idol placed in it. They have also decided to organize a prayer meeting at the temple shed constructed every week.

Expressing his gratitude and respect to Mr. Sood for helping people in these tough times, Giri Kondal Reddy, a Zilla Parishad member, “As he has attained the place of god by his good deeds, we have built a temple for Sonu Sood. He is a god for us.”

In order to create the idol, Rakesh with his friends collected contributions and approached Madhusudhan, a sculptor working near JBS of Secunderabad. Knowing about the intention behind the sculpture, he offered to reduce the price by half to pay his gratitude too as he said that being a migrant from West Bengal himself, he has seen Mr. Sood helping migrants working in Secunderabad to return to their hometowns at a time when the country was under strict lockdown and people resorted to walking for thousands of kilometers to reach their native places.

The temple was built in no time as each villager contributed whatever they could. While one of them readily agreed to furnish a part of his land on the main road to build the shed for the temple, mason Somla Nayak gave his masonry services free of cost, another MPTC member Islavath Namku took up the charges of the temple painting.

The poster bearing the name “Real Hero of India” hung behind the actor’s idol installed in the temple, ritual of which was attended in masses by the entire village. In the speeches delivered by the elderly villagers, there were urges to the youngsters to get inspired from the humanitarian work of the actor to help those in crisis.

The idol and its installation became an instant hit on social media. Reacting to the honour, the actor tweeted saying, “Don’t deserve this sir. Humbled.”

Sonu Sood, earlier in December, mortgaged 2 shops and 6 six of his flats of Mumbai in order to arrange Rs. 10 crore to help the needy, send the migrants back home and offer aid to those with serious health complications.

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