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Helicopter crashes en route to pick up Shiv Sena leader in Maha’s Raigad

In a shocker, a private helicopter which was flying to pick up Shiv Sena Deputy Leader Sushma Andhare, suddenly crashed on landing, officials said here on Friday.

As per a live video recording shared by Andhare, the chopper was making a landing attempt at an unidentified location and suddenly it seemed to swerve, wobble, lose balance and then crash with a loud sound in a cloud of dust on an open ground.

The pilot of the chopper managed to jump off the ill-fated chopper and survived, but the white-and-blue hired rotary-winger was badly damaged in the crash that occurred at Mahad town in Raigad.

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Police and rescue teams rushed to the spot to probe the incident while the shaken Andhare — who was scheduled to fly by the same chopper — proceeded in a car for her scheduled election meetings in different parts of the district.

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