Friday, August 19, 2022
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Hijab Row: Muslims to establish own private colleges in Karnataka

Following persecution of Muslim girls over wearing Hijab at schools and college in BJP ruled Karnataka state, the Muslims organisations mainly from north Indian states come up with a solution to establish educational institutions by their own to allow the girl students pursue their studies with religious freedom.

Earlier this year, the Hijab row stirred a political storm in BJP ruled Karnataka state when few government schools first barred the entry of Muslim girl students wearing Hijab followed by protests from RSS backed students organisations in support of the managements’ decision.

The subsequent protests from Muslim girl students against the provocative and apartheid approach of the educational institutions towards a particular minority community in Karnataka yielded no result. More disappointment comes in their way when their efforts to approach the court of law by filing pleas in high court and the Supreme Court fail to render them justice.

Meanwhile the issue dragged the attention of international media and was covered and condemned vehemently by all the infamous channels throughout the globe.

However, finding the BJP ruled states and RSS backed educational institutions are completely biased over the Hijab issue and are imposing ban on wearing headscarf one after another in their so-called establishments, the Muslims organisations from north Indian states have decided to go with their own educational institutions to allow their children pursue the education without any persecution.

Now, a conglomeration of Muslim organisations from north Indian states especially from Karnataka has come up with a decision to establish 13 new private colleges where students will be allowed to pursue their education with full religious freedom.

It is found that this is the first time in the last five years wherein such a huge pleas has been made to the concerned department from any religious minority seeking permission to open colleges.

Meanwhile, the Hindu organisations began wailing over the decision taken by the Muslim organisations. They blamed that taking advantage of the lacunae in court’s decision that says the private institutions has a liberty to take own decisions, the Muslim organisations has come out with their move to establish 13 new educational institutions.

Meanwhile, the education department gave nod to one of the pleas made by the Muslim organisations seeking permission to establish a private college while other applications are still in the process of scrutiny. According to officials from the educational department, other pleas too will get the nod if found fulfilled with required criterion.