Saturday, June 25, 2022
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Himayath And Osman Sagar Remain Crammed And Creeping Into Musi

As no rains were witnessed since the onset of October, The reservoirs such as Himayath Sagar and Osman Sagar are receiving no more heavy inflows from upstream areas. However, the authorities have remained open two gates at Himayath Sagar and One at Osman  Sagar to allow whatever inflows are getting in to release it into Musi River as the both the reservoirs have almost crammed.

Presently, the Osman Sagar is receiving 300 cusecs of inflow from catchment areas though no rains have witnessed to impact the water level while 120 cusecs of water is being released into Musi River through one gate which remained lifted upto one feet height.

The present storage capacity of Osman Sagar has reached the point of full tank level of 1790 feet (3.900 TMC) that prompted the officials to keep lifted one gate upto one feet to allow inflows to pass on freely into Musi.

Similarly, two gates remain open at Himayath Sagar where to release 700 cusecs of water into Musi River while the reservoir is receiving 800 cusecs of inflows from catchment areas. The authorities keep lifted two gates upto 1 foot to release whatever inrush the reservoir is receiving as the Lake has already reached to the crest.

The storage capacity in Himayath Sagar too has reached to its fullest point of 1763.50 feet (2.97 TMC) making it completely crammed and creeping down to Musi.