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Hit-and-Run Tragedy Claims Lives of Couple in Nalgonda

A couple’s peaceful morning walk near the Udaya Samudram balancing pond in Panagal turned tragic in a horrible hit-and-run event in the Nalgonda district. The victims, named as Panagal residents Orsu Vishnu Murthi and Swapna, were killed early Tuesday when an unidentified car struck them and left the scene.

Swapna and Orsu Vishnu Murthi, a contract lecturer at Nagarjuna Degree College in Nalgonda, had gone for their routine morning stroll near the Udaya Samudram balancing reservoir. This tranquil routine took a sad turn, shocking the couple’s relatives and the surrounding neighborhood.

The tragedy occurred when an unidentified car crashed with the pair as they strolled down the road near the Udaya Samudram balancing pond, according to local officials. The driver of the car fled the scene, leaving Vishnu Murthi and Swapna seriously injured. Authorities took the victims to the Government General Hospital (GGH) in Nalgonda, where they were pronounced dead.

Following this heartbreaking tragedy, the rural police have initiated an extensive investigation to track down the car involved in the hit-and-run. The community is now banding together to seek justice for the souls who have died and their bereaved families. The inquiry aims to hold those responsible for this horrific event accountable and to give comfort to the bereaved families.’



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