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HMWSSB MD Orders Prompt Resolution of Complaints, Including on Social Media

In a significant step towards enhancing public service responsiveness, Sudarshan Reddy, Managing Director of the Hyderabad Metropolitan Water Supply and Sewerage Board (HMWSSB), has mandated that all complaints, including those received via social media, be addressed promptly. The directive came during a comprehensive review meeting on the monsoon preparedness plan, held at the HMWSSB head office in Khairatabad.

During the meeting, Reddy emphasized the importance of identifying and resolving water-logging and stagnation issues across the city. “Officials must ensure that water does not accumulate in vulnerable areas. Adequate measures should be in place to prevent sewage overflow onto the roads,” he stated.

Reddy also highlighted the necessity of setting up warning boards and installing grills for deep manholes at construction sites. He urged for the swift completion of any ongoing grill installations to mitigate risks during the monsoon season. Additionally, he reiterated the importance of maintaining water kiosks established by the Water Board to ensure continuous access to clean drinking water for the public.

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Recognizing the growing influence of social media, Reddy instructed the officials to give equal priority to complaints lodged through these platforms. “In today’s digital age, social media is a vital tool for communication and feedback. Every complaint, whether it comes through traditional channels or social media, must be treated with urgency and resolved efficiently,” he asserted.

Furthermore, Reddy addressed the issue of revenue collection, questioning Director VL Praveen Kumar on the current status of division-wise pending bills. He urged the officials to intensify their efforts in bill collection to ensure financial stability and efficient service delivery.

The HMWSSB’s proactive approach, especially the inclusion of social media as a critical feedback mechanism, reflects its commitment to leveraging technology for improved public service. As Hyderabad braces for the monsoon, the Water Board’s initiatives aim to safeguard the city’s infrastructure and ensure the well-being of its residents.

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