Tuesday, May 26, 2020
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Honest effort is vital for success: ISC topper

Kolkata: City boy Dewang Kumar Agarwal, Class 12 ISC examination topper scoring 100 per cent marks, on Wednesday said that success comes with honest efforts and that it is also important to take proper breaks.

Agarwal likes swimming in summers and reading fantasy, science fiction and even books on philosophy.

“After every examination, I was satisfied that I had given my hundred per cent and would be happy with whatever I got,” Agarwal said.

The topper from La Martiniere for Boys plans to pursue Computer Science and he is keeping the options of studying abroad also open.

Sharing his initial reaction, he said: “I was really happy but the marks were shocking also. I had expected to do well”.

He doesn’t believe in studying for fixed hours and it is also important to take breaks also.

“I believe there is no substitute to hard work. There was no fixed hours of preparation, I read a topic till the time I completely understood it. I had to be satisfied with the topic covered,” Agarwal said.

Asked if he stays away from social media, he said: “See it is important to take breaks and everyone has their own way of entertainment. I do chat with friends on social media. I think it is fine until it becomes as addiction”.

As far as study sessions are concerned, he preferred the early morning hours when mind was totally fresh and it is easy to concentrate.

Talking about the methods of preparation that may help examinees, he said: “One should be confident and the preparations should be honest. There is no secret formula as such, but one should not panic and have faith in his/her preparation”.

Agarwal shared the first position with Vibha Swaminathan of Bengaluru.