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Hope ‘Teach for Change’ expands to encompass entire nation: Shruti Haasan

Actress Shruti Haasan, who stole the spotlight as the showstopper for the ‘Teach for Change’ fundraiser fashion show, has commended Lakshmi Manchu for her relentless efforts behind this noble initiative, aiming for the expansion of this endeavour to encompass all of southern India, and eventually, the entire nation.

The ninth edition of the ‘Teach for Change’s annual fundraiser which was held in Hyderabad on Sunday saw participation from fashion maestros Amit GT for women’s wear, and Shashank Chelmilla for men’s wear.

This extravagant event, known for its blend of glamour and social impact saw a host of actors walking the ramp. Shruti glided down the ramp for the fashion show in a black hooded Indo western lehenga by Amit GT.

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Speaking about the event, Shruti said: “Lakshmi has been actively involved in Teach for Change’s distinctive efforts within Government schools, and I’m excited to join in this year. Ensuring every child receives quality education is paramount, and Teach for Change is making strides in Telangana.”

“I hope this initiative expands to encompass all of South India and eventually the entire nation. Let’s all contribute in our own small ways to make a significant impact together,” she added.

Actress Lakshmi said: “I really want to thank Shruti for making time for the show. She looked gorgeous on the ramp and I’m sure her efforts will go a long way to impact our efforts positively. All my actor friends stood by me and I see it as a huge blessing.”

“This effort will help thousands of children to build a self sustainable future and that makes it so worthwhile,” she added. The show saw participation from 35 actors from Tollywood and Bollywood who joined Lakshmi Manchu on the ramp in a bid to raise awareness for Teach for Change’s noble work.

Celebrities like Seerat Kapoor, Faria Abdullah, Avantika Mishra, Lekha Prajapati, Alekya Harika, Rashi Singh, Akshara Gowda, Ashok Galla, Pradeep Machiraju, Viraj Ashwin, Adith, Shiva Kandkuri and Parupalli Kashyap had joined the walk.

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